Nancy Catchings Joins 4D Supply Chain Consulting to Lead Center of Excellence for Letter of Credit 

Nancy Catchings joined 4D Supply Chain Consulting (4D) on December 5, 2022 to lead the Center of Excellence for Letter of Credit.

Nancy Catchings has been in the freight forwarding industry for 30 plus years and has over 30 years of experience in international business. As an Incoterms® seminar consultant and Letter of Credit specialist, she is the perfect fit for this role. Nany Catchings is based out of Houston, where the first Center of Excellence was established this year.

Throughout 2022, 4D has been focused on laying the foundation and preparing the organization for the reopening of the global economy. This year in July, it expanded into the Asia Pacific region and the rest of the world by putting up an own office in Manila. Our Houston office has set up the first Center of Excellence, which controls the processes of a Letter of Credit for clients and their shipments around the globe, and now has Nancy Catchings on board to push the Letter of Credit activities.

The 4D team is dedicated to sealing the gaps in the process and application of a Letter of Credit. Making it easy for clients to understand the processes of utilizing it. The face-to-face training has been restarted, alongside the acquisition of new clients—both under the lead of Jolie Cosman. New to the 4D list of products is deugro visiotrack and Fourth Party Logistics (4PL) solutions that help to empower clients.

The comprehensive 4D Letter of Credit Made Easy e-learning course aims to provide a solid foundation in the knowledge and application of Letter of Credit rules, backed by real market case studies and scenarios.

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