Competence Development

arrow upCompetent professionals drive increased revenue, create opportunity for major cost savings in operations and simplify the complexity of distribution networks. Upskilling their key staff in supply chain and logistics competences provides the client with a clear competitive advantage, enabling them to:

  • minimize cost wasted due to inappropriate management of technical decisions,
  • better identify and manage supply chain risks through better threat assessments, and
  • improve the HSSE performance of supply chain operations.

Furthermore, it has been proven that staff motivated by formal, effective development tools have higher productivity indexes. In turn, more competent staff can deliver cost-effective, efficient and safer supply chain operations that can positively impact the company’s bottom line.

Having a fit for purpose supply chain and logistics competence framework is a pivotal tool to identify competence gaps and develop focused mitigation measures, which contributes to the company’s success. 4D possesses extensive experience in designing, developing and implementing competence frameworks, covering key supply chain and logistics roles at all proficiency levels.

We offer a formal, professional, structured and objective competence assurance process that is run by 4D professionals with direct industry and HR experience. This process supports the clients in assessing the supply chain and logistics competence gaps of their key talents and helps to design and execute their relevant individual development plans. Additionally, 4D support is also available to review and improve the effectiveness of current and future competence development and an assurance framework.