charts on a boardIn today’s competitive business environment, people are the key component of successful supply chains.

Let us take the example of a supply chain manager who coordinates all aspects of the supply chain—from planning to sourcing material or services—focusing on productivity and the efficiency of manufacture and, ultimately, overseeing the delivery and logistics.

Managing the supply chain is not only about logistics and purchasing inventory, but also about improving the bottom line of a company by keeping costs down and making recommendations to improve the productivity, quality and efficiency of operations.

The relatively low profile of supply chain and logistics within companies has led to gaps in the knowledge transfer of technical supply chain expertise due to the natural aging of the existing workforce.

Furthermore, in several industries, the supply chain and logistics internal skill pool has also been depleted due to severe cuts during critical adverse market conditions (e.g. the oil and gas industry during the low oil price phase).

4D offers a range of supply chain and logistics training courses, covering key high-risk technical topics delivered by industry experts with years of experience. We offer both online and classroom training at affordable costs.

Should you require something more specialized, 4D can design, develop and deliver supply chain and logistics learning tailored to the client’s requirements. 4D’s competent trainers have direct hands-on experience in the relevant fields and incorporate advanced industry practices into the training modules.