Manpower Provision

people iconA key requirement for a successful supply chain is the organization’s ability to quickly adapt its staff profile (either reduce or increase numbers) to dynamic business demands and rapidly changing market conditions. This is easier said than done, since the internal recruitment processes often fail to provide the required skilled workforce in an efficient and timely manner. Furthermore, the direct staff costs are burdened by lateral elements, hence leading to high internal labor costs.

Leveraging our large pool of subject matter experts (covering more than 60 competences specific to supply chains and logistics), 4D can provide clients the right talent at the right price, for the right period and at the right place.

Clients can then adapt their workforce profile quickly to meet the dynamic demands of the business, effectively avoiding complex HR-related constraints. As a result, supply chain and logistics labour costs are minimized thanks to an optimal balance between a direct and a contracted workforce.

Delays in delivering business objectives and unnecessary costs are avoided by deploying competent, verified supply chain and logistics contract staff in a transparent, efficient and timely manner.

Our certified pool of subject matter experts, who cover more than 60 supply chain and logistics competences, can support clients throughout their project’s life cycle in key topics, such as:

  • Logistics risks and insurance
  • Export or import trade compliance and customs clearance
  • Transport engineering
  • Heavy haulage
  • Lifting and hoisting
  • Load cargo securing
  • Operations surveying and supervision
  • Subcontractor assessment and management