4D Supply Chain Consulting Partners with Dubai Trade for E-learning Courses

4D Supply Chain Consulting (4D) targets new audience by offering its CILT-accredited e-learning courses on the Dubai Trade platform. 

4D and Dubai Trade together form a strong partnership with a diverse global network. Both partners offer e-learning courses and are constantly striving to expand the knowledge base of logistics professionals, as well as to support continuous professional development, by providing customized orientation and certification courses.

 Through this partnership and the addition of 4D’s e-learning courses, Dubai Trade’s clients—such as marine and inland terminal operators, traders, shipping lines and agents, clearing and forwarding agents, haulers and free-zone licensees—will have easy and convenient access to training with first-hand knowledge and real-life examples, and will be able to obtain a CILT-endorsed certificate.

“In today’s competitive business environment, people are the key component of successful supply chains. These trainings cover key high-risk technical topics delivered by industry experts with years of experience to support a professional logistics and supply chain industry along a Continuous Professional Development (CPD) journey. We are currently partnering with over 10 universities and training institutions globally. Teaming up with Dubai Trade enables us to offer our courses to students and professionals alike,” said Thomas Skellingsted, President, 4D Supply Chain Consulting.

Following the e-learning courses already available, such as Bill of Lading Made Easy, Letter of Credit Made Easy and Incoterms® 2020 Made Easy, 4D Supply Chain Consulting and Dubai Trade are aiming to expand the portfolio of offers with additional e-learning courses on complementary topics.

“4D Supply Chain Consulting has developed industry-specific e-learnings to support continuous professional development and that are suitable for everyone. The 4D partnership with Dubai Trade is an exciting initiative to deliver quality products and services that have important business applications whilst maintaining the highest standards,” said Arnoud Dekkers, Commercial Director, 4D Supply Chain Consulting.