dashbopard iconThe well-known continuous improvement mantra “The best never rest!” is a key philosophy applicable when creating and maintaining successful supply chains. The principle tools that form the basis of this are as follows:

  • Set of simple, clear, measurable and meaningful Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to drive the improvement of supply chain performances
  • Regular internal benchmarking exercises to define a supply chain “league table” within the company
  • Regularly completed professional and reliable external benchmarking to compare performances of operations against the “best-in-class” level for supply chains with similar challenges

These will help to set realistic targets for KPIs, while considering the benchmarking results obtained from both internal and external exercises. This will allow for a clearer understanding of the supply chain gaps compared to “best-in-class” performance and the relevant quantification.

4D Supply Chain Consulting can support clients with:

  • A focused, professional and pragmatic quantitative review of performances for key elements of their supply chain
  • Clear identification of key gaps in performance and the setting of recommendations for action

All the above is completed by leveraging strategic partnerships with leaders in benchmarking practice.