About Us

4D Supply Chain Consulting is an independent logistics and supply chain consultancy providing unique expertise to solve clients’ end-to-end logistics and supply chain challenges. Offering globally an experienced consulting team with the ability to support key focus industries, including oil and gas, power, wind and mining, where major CAPEX and OPEX initiatives heavily rely on secure, transparent and adaptive supply chains.

Our range of services and consultants support our clients to extract the maximum value from their supply chain by providing various services. From fit for purpose assessments, assurance support and strategies development to sourcing requirements, logistics FTE provisions and logistics management solutions. We provide capability building and support clients’ improvement initiatives to make their supply chains more competitive, safer and more sustainable.

We can help you at all levels of the value chain, whether strategic, tactical or operational.

We ensure a hands-on pragmatic approach in providing tangible solutions.


To deliver practical supply chain and logistics concepts and solutions to support our clients’ sustainable improvement initiatives. With a focus on making their supply chains safer, more cost effective and efficient, using extensive industry experience and by leveraging our large pool of subject matter experts.


Setting the highest standards for client support

Embracing a culture of principle, accountability and diversity

Continuously evolving to be aligned with dynamic market conditions

Focusing on process, quality and assurance in our consultancy services

Inspiring confidence through delivery of reliable, safe and transparent consultancy

Working together to achieve the same objectives


To be the partner of choice for the safe and cost-efficient delivery of logistics and supply chain consultancy.

Why Us?

When we look at supply chain management, we consider the design, planning, execution, control, monitoring and improving of supply chain activities as critical factors for several industries. Managed properly, they provide a clear competitive advantage by creating net value, leveraging worldwide logistics and synchronizing supply with demand. If not managed properly, they can cause failures that impact business results severely and hinder reputation with your end-customers.

With increased globalization and easier access to alternative technological solutions, supply chains need to swiftly adapt to constantly changing industry requirements.

The limited investment in people, processes and systems excellence supply chain elements has resulted in:

  • limited performance visibility and lack of standardized reporting,
  • lack of understanding of the actual impact on the bottom line and exposure to high-risk operations,
  • underestimation of actual supply chain spend both in CAPEX and OPEX, and
  • traditional sourcing strategies, which are focused on rate reductions and fail to address larger opportunities from network and operational improvements.

We understand the industry in which you operate; we have a proven track record in delivering the highest standards in both theory and in execution. We combine an extensive portfolio of services, unique intellectual property and relationships with industry experts to bring you a complete, end-to-end solution that addresses the specific needs of your business.