4D Supply Chain Consulting Now Reselling Partner for Logiswift 

4D Supply Chain Consulting (4D) and Logiswift, one of the leading providers of end-to-end supply chain software solutions, are pleased to announce a collaborative partnership, initiated by a reseller agreement that positions 4D as the distributor of Logiswift’s advanced supply chain execution tool in the USA.

As the need for freight management and visibility in the market has evolved into a multi-tiered environment, so, too, has Logiswift’s solution undergone a significant transformation. Initially a foundational operational support tool, it has now evolved into a comprehensive suite that not only supports end-to-end execution but also offers enhanced transparency throughout the supply chain. Beyond this, the solution has been enriched with sophisticated tools for decision-making support and predictive analytics, addressing the critical need for in-depth insights into the current status and condition of goods, and meeting the growing demand for accurate Estimated Times of Arrival (ETAs) of shipments at various stages of their journey. This evolution represents Logiswift’s commitment to providing cutting-edge, holistic solutions for the project forwarding industry.

Logiswift is connected with many of the world’s leading transportation companies and provides near real-time insight into vessels (and therefore containers). “Successful supply chain management requires accurate and complete milestone information to be available at all times—with Logiswift’s solution, this information is available around the clock. The solution provides customers with a complete overview of all data when they need it most to ensure quality, process efficiency and effective communication between all parties involved,” commented Ziad Abourizk, CEO of Logiswift.

“We are looking forward to selling Logiswift’s world-class software solution, helping companies of any size to get all the insights into the supply chain they need and helping them to carry out logistics projects much more efficiently. Working with our clients, we can now see a very clear need for software solutions in the supply chain segment. This partnership allows us to enhance our consultancy offering to both existing and new potential clients. The tool also complements our manpower provision service pillar, as the transparency it provides to the supply chain and logistics processes allows for improved control of the project—enabling quick reaction to the project needs,” says Thomas Skellingsted, President 4D Supply Chain Consulting.

“Expanding within the US market marks just the initial phase of our strategic alliance with 4D. We are eagerly anticipating the broadening of our collaboration on an international level. Our solution, intricately designed to tackle complex logistics challenges, aligns seamlessly with 4D’s expertise. We are enthusiastic about the prospective value this partnership will introduce to the market,” states Ziad Abourizk, CEO of Logiswift.