Supply Chain Consulting

Organizations are constantly seeking opportunities to optimize their overall value chain. 4D Supply Chain Consulting offers practical supply chain and logistics concepts as well as solutions to support clients’ sustainable improvement initiatives. We assist companies wanting to enhance their sustainable, cost-effective, efficient and safe supply chain operation. Our services cover the entire life cycle of the project or asset, from the early stages of pre-execution to execution and onwards to operating the asset, including decommissioning and restoration.

4D Supply Chain Consulting helps clients to:

  • Minimize unnecessary costs due to inappropriate management of technical decisions
  • Better identify and manage supply chain risks through better threat assessments
  • Improve the Health, Safety, Security and Environment (HSSE) performance of supply chain operations

Principle tools to form successful supply chains are the setting of simple, clear, measurable and meaningful Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) as well as regular internal and external benchmarking exercises to compare operational performance. This will allow for a better understanding of the supply chain gaps compared to “best-in-class” performance and the relevant quantification. Striving for continuous improvement in managing successful supply chains, 4D Supply Chain Consulting helps to assess client’s performance gaps with:

  • A quantitative performance review of key supply chain elements
  • The clear identification of key gaps in performance
  • The set of recommendations for actions

We help our clients in selecting the optimal Fourth Party Logistics (4PL) solution that suits the specific requirements of their business. Our focus is not only to extract the maximum value, but also to make the supply chains more competitive, safer and sustainable. Our services include the effective supply chain planning, which is aligned with the requirements through demand management.

With a proven record in delivering the highest standards in both theory and execution, we support organizations across the entire project or asset life cycle and solve clients’ end-to-end logistics and supply chain challenges. Our services range from fit-for-purpose assessments, assurance support and strategy development to sourcing requirements, logistics FTE provisions and logistics management solutions.

The unique expertise of our experienced consulting team operating globally provides assistance at all levels of the value chain. This adapts to strategic, tactical, or operational in key focus industries such as oil and gas, power, wind, and mining. The combination of an extensive portfolio of services, unique knowhow and relationships with industry experts secures a complete, end-to-end solution, which addresses the specific needs of our client’s business.

By the successful adoption of 4PL concepts, service levels are improved, logistics costs reduced and greater flexibility in changing business requirements achieved. Selecting the right 4PL model can be a challenging task. However, 4D can support clients with extensive experience in this field. Our range of services and consultants ensure a hands-on, professional and pragmatic approach to providing such tangible solutions.

As each 4PL solution is different and needs adapting to the organization’s specific requirements, a detailed design and investigation will determine the optimal future operating model. We identify the most suitable 4PL solution applicable to both CAPEX and OPEX, implement and constantly review it. With this formal, professional, structured and objective competence assurance process, 4D professionals are setting the highest standard for client support to increase productivity, quality and efficiency of operations.