Project Logistics Consultancy

As an independent and experienced logistics and supply chain consultancy 4D’s Project Logistics Consultancy service offerings cover the entire project or asset life cycle. Our services include the design, planning, execution, monitoring and improving of all project related supply chain activities and its processes to provide a clear competitive advantage. Managed by our global operating consulting team we support our clients to extract the maximum value from their supply chain. We ensure a hands-on pragmatic approach to providing a new dimension of secure, competitive, and sustainable Project Logistics Consulting.

As consultants, we understand the industry, our customers operate in, we support them from the first to the last step of their complex project to maximize the outcome at all levels of the value chain. With our unique expertise in complex initiatives like CAPEX and OPEX, we offer worldwide support in key industries such as oil and gas, power, wind energy and mining.

Phases of Project Logistics Consultancy


The early phase of a new project is crucial in shaping the development and can often be underestimated. Strategic elements such as managing logistics including transportation of material and people, warehousing management or challenging environments and logistics infrastructure require best-practice handling. Scoping and the development of initial ideas or preliminary investigation and assessment of the feasibility of the planned project are the beginning of this challenging phase.

The identification, definition and presentation of potential development scenarios provide the basis of the final concept.

In the pre-FEED (Front End Engineering Design) phase the selected solution and all corresponding requirements will be further identified, developed and refined by a specialized engineering procurement and construction supplier (EPC).

The succeeding FEED phase serves as the identification of technical limitations and rough estimation of investment costs. Combined, these phases act as the basis for the execution phase of the project and the final investment decision (FID).


Design and procurement phase
Based on the FEED results, the project procurement strategies are defined and tenders for the execution are defined.

Construction and Installation Phase
Construction processes, which often overlap, are contracted to specialized EPC companies.

Commissioning and start-up (CSU) phase
Once the construction activities have been concluded, cleaning, testing, starting and tuning activities of the asset will ensure its impeccable function.

Transit to operations phase
The new development is formally completed and the asset ownership is transferred to the asset operating organization on completion of all contractual and operational acceptance tests. The active involvement of EPC companies is hereby concluded.

Operations Phase

In this long-term phase the focus lies on the operation and maintenance of the asset to ensure a safe, sustainable and reliable production.

Turnaround (TAR)
Due to an inherent degree of unpredictability in potential issues arising, the operational period may include major maintenance interventions. To ensure continued asset reliability, up-to-date technology is retrofitted. While this process usually requires a complete shutdown of production, the focus is on completing TAR effectively and efficiently to minimize loss of revenue.

End of Life (EoL)
When operations are no longer profitable or the exhaustion of the resource field is reached, the production facility on the site is decommissioned and the asset needs to be dismantled.