Logistics Consultancy

The increasingly challenging operating environment and the rising logistics costs are making supply chains more and more complex. Achieving excellence in supply chain and logistics is the most important foundation for multi-track value creation. That is why we focus on process, quality and assurance from a macroscopic view in all our consultancy services. 4D’s logistic consultancy recognizes that the key component of successful supply chains in today’s competitive business environment is a skilled workforce, which constantly evolves to be aligned with dynamic market conditions.

4D’s logistics consultancy offers a large pool of certified subject matter experts covering more than 60 competences specific to supply chains and logistics. We understand the industry in which you operate and can support clients throughout their project life cycle with our large pool of experts and skilled manpower in key topics like:

  • Logistics risks and insurance
  • Export or import trade compliance and customs clearance
  • Subcontractor assessment and management
  • Operations surveying and supervision
  • Transport engineering
  • Heavy haulage
  • Lifting and hoisting
  • Load cargo securing
  • Logistics manpower provision

We assist our clients in a logistics competence framework, in logistics competence assessments, individual development of key staff gap closure plans and technical coaching.
Our team of experts focuses on potential challenges, such as:

  • Challenging environments with limited logistics infrastructure
  • Immature, limited or fragmented logistics provider markets
  • Improving traditional sourcing strategies which focus on rate reduction rather than addressing larger opportunities provided by strong network and operational improvements
  • Meeting increasingly stringent compliance and reporting requirements due to the high volume of cargo and people movement
  • Potential significant impact of high volume traffic on local communities
  • Competency gaps of current workforce
  • Potential gaps in knowledge transfer of technical expertise

We support our clients in upskilling their key staff in supply chain and logistics competences to provide them with a clear competitive advantage. 4D possesses extensive experience in designing, developing and implementing competence frameworks, covering key supply and logistics roles at all proficiency levels. With their direct hands-on experience in the relevant fields, 4D’s competent trainers offer a range of both online and classroom catalog training courses as well as tailor-made, client-specific training in key high-risk, high-tech logistics and supply chains such as:

  • Incoterms demystification
  • Export and trade control
  • Customs clearance dos and don’ts
  • Chartering essentials
  • Project logistics
  • Lifting and hoisting (basic and advanced)
  • Load securing

It has been shown that employees motivated by formal, effective development tools have higher productivity indexes. In return, more competent workforce can deliver more cost-effective, efficient and secure supply chain operations which can have a positive impact on the company’s bottom line.

We provide the right talent at the right price, for the right period and at the right place. Our vision is to be the partner of choice for the safe and cost-efficient delivery of logistics and supply chain consultancy.